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WWOOFers who visited us in 2011



I have to confess I'm envious of Marie, because she was always on top - every person, job or problem was a source of intense interest treated with optimism. Of course it's easier for the young. Marie came to us from Malaysia, via London in the month of April. She helped prepare our veg growing area and cleaning out the henhouse. When the weather turned bad she adapted well to the rather tedious post-tiling clean-up (pictured), and Rohan was certainly entertained by her presence. Thankyou Marie for your cheerful motivation in all affairs.

Feedback from Marie-Tan
Courtney came to us from New Mexico, USA in the month of July. It was her first WWOOF stay but lack of experience was no problem in her practical hands. At this time her help was invaluable in looking after our growing crops: notably potatoes but also beetroots, beans and sweetcorn. She also helped us with finishing work in our new home.

Feedback from Courtney
Jaime is pictured here preparing the stonework in our new house. His visit was coincidental with that of Courtney's (above) so they worked together indoors when the weather was wet. Jaime's origin alone was enough to raise eyebrows: El Salvador in Central America. Some years subsequently passed in Canada had broadened his horizons but he remained a curiosity to many. His baggage included a nifty little road-bike obtained with no delay even though his stay in europe was just 3 months. So our region was a good choice - it's annually made famous by the passage of tour-de-fance riders who navigate the twists and turns of the hardest Pyrenean passes.

Feedback from Jaime
Here I present two sensible folk who will never tire of each other: Raene from New Zealand, and Pawel from the Czeck republic. They team up for holidays only which happily included a visit to us this year. We ask wwoof visitors to state when they will arrive, but accept the odd change or delay. For Pawel and Raene we had to be more tolerant, because they had first to complete a little walk. This we were glad to do as they were repeating the Pyrenean trek which we ourselves did in 2002 - the Haute Route Pyrenees. In April of 2012 we are still eating french beans from the freezer, and so too remember their help with this crop which was in full swing last August.

Feedback from Raene & Pawel
More first-time wwoofers, Dave and Gemma are pictured here preparing sweetcorn for the freezer. I normally depend on fieldmouse predation to signal when the crop is ripe, but this year our capricious friends let us down (no bad thing otherwise!) and we were late. So there was a lot to do in one hit, which is when we really appreciate wwoof help. Dave and Gemma were flitting around SW France, just following their fancy on a break from the British Isles.

Feedback from Gemma & Dave
I'd like to introduce you to Nellie from northern Germany, alias The Cat Whisperer. In the months preceeding her October visit the cats had been multiplying and with kittens everywhere we had overlooked one brood which ran scared and wild. Nellie's commission (apart from helping with the hens) was to tame these kittens so they might be deemed fit for life in an urban home; through much diligent attention this mission was accomplished and so the title came stick.

Feedback from Nellie
November - obviously, is the month for apple picking and we were fortunate that Vanessa was not timid at the top of a wobbly ladder - or even up in the tree. Our orchard trees are not yet producing fruit so we are lucky to have a friendly village neighbour who gives us surplus fruit in exchange for pruning services. Vanessa's stay was an abrupt change from urban life in London and I note she adapted very well. She also helped us pot up strawberry plants and to make butternut chutney.

Feedback from Vanessa