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WWOOFers who visited us in 2010



Daniel was wwoofing in Spain before coming to us in February. He holds German nationality, but after younger years in Germany moved to a diminutive and far-flung Pacific island off the southern tip of Japan: the Okinawan island of Iromote. This was the wave-washed jungle setting for a Survival School, the result of Daniel's deep care and concern for children, and the manner in which they are raised. During two months here, Daniel gave us a big hand with construction and tree-planting; he is pictured laying the blocks for our new henhouse.

Feedback from Daniel
During two weeks in May, Julie helped us with vegetable planting and production. She was no stranger to this kind of work, but doing it under full sun was to prove trying. As usual for this season, beetroot and potatoes were growing fast, but so were the weeds! Out of working hours she made history here by being the first person to take advantage of our newly installed WiFi; a boon for blog writers. Visiting Izaut was but a small stop on Julie's busy itinerary, which led her on into Italy and Croatia.

Feedback from Julie
After Julie, more visitors from Canada in June: Emmett and Juliet were speculating on a future life here in France, before escaping to India for three years in a different orbit. They were thus highly motivated and and keen to learn about all aspects of our existence. Over a longer stay, they assisted us with planting, weeding and harvesting. We'll not talk too much of mucking out the henhouse, picking blackcurrants for jam-making is a sweeter memory. But another task stands as a unique; they helped erect a 5m climbing wall in the old sawmill-barn. Thanks chaps :-)

Feedback from Emmett & Juliet
The squash harvest makes work into fun as some lucky visitors discover, but first a primer on squash conservation: the stalk of a squash is like the cork in a bottle; remove it and the contents sour. Fortunately, Chris and Marie were good at catching, and quickly learned how to retain the precious stalks. They also helped dig potatoes, pick beans, collect eggs and of course - pull weeds. They currently pursue education in vegetable gardening with wkd wwoofing close to their home in Northern France.

Feedback from Chris & Marie
Sean tired of higher education at home in Oregon and took to practical work for the Forest Service maintaining trails and firebreaks in neighboring Idaho. Which then enabled him to leave the States for the first time and travel. While with us, he helped look after the hens, dig potatoes, dismantle bean sticks and prepare firewood. Out of working hours we went climbing and it was nice to share this common interest during a couple of weeks in October. He had planned to stay much longer but sadly the death of a family member intervened and he parted abruptly.

Feedback from Sean